Master Class on Text Formulas 

Course Fee - INR 599 /- only

Why it's important!

Text formulas are one of the most used bucket in function library. We don't receive clean data from different stockholders always. To create reports and analyze data, we need to transform data in an organized way. Text formulas are going to be very quick & helpful in this regard. Let's meet powerful members of Text Family.


Webinar - Text Formulas
  • Webinar - Text Formulas
Working Files - (Download)
  • Working Files - (Download)

Salient Features of the Course

👉 Introduction and need of Text Formulas

👉 How to make our working Dynamic with use of TEXT formulas ( Why it is better than FLASH FILL)

👉 To make your Data clean on regular basis, the most important formulas are from Text Bucket

👉 Do you know you can *REVERSE* to *ESREVER* with a smart use of one of the text formula

👉 CONCATENATE is outdated, lets learn CONCAT and TEXTJOIN

👉 How to remove Non Printable Characters

👉 Why sometime we are not able to remove extra spaces with TRIM, what is the alternate

👉 Difference betweeen FIND and SEARCH formula

👉 What is the use of EXACT, REPT formulas

👉 What is the difference between REPLACE and SUBSTITUTE

👉 What is the difference between REPLACE and SUBSTITUTE

👉 One will be amazed to see the power of *TEXT* formula which itself one of the formula in TEXT bucket

👉 How to handle Bank Account Numbers starting with Zeros

👉 What is case sensative in Excel, How to find difference between "RAM" and "Ram"

👉 How to automate split of text lines with Text formulas instead of TEXT to Columns

👉 What is difference between CODE and CHAR formula, when it is used

👉 Why VALUE formula is part of TEXT family

👉 Do you know shortest formula in Microsoft Family is from TEXT bucket

👉 Lot of interesting Case Studies:             

  1. Find 1st Alpha from a Text String            
  2. How to remove Prefix and Suffix like KG, HRS, KM, Gram, Inch, CM, etc and make absolute value             
  3. How to Extract only file name from a long Path of folder and subfolders     
  4. Many Many More

👉  Question and Answer