Filter - Dynamic Formula of Excel 365

Course Fee - INR 999/- 

Why it's important!

FILTER - The most Powerful dynamic FORMULA of Excel 365, Powerful than XLOOKUP/SUMIFS/SUMPRODUCT or PivotTable.

It's part of EXCEL 365 New Dynamic Functions. This is going to change our working tremendously and going to be immensely helpful to automate tasks in our spreadsheets.


Salient features of the Webinar:

👉 Basic Concept of FILTR - Rational Behind it and importance

👉 Single cell formula - No need of dollar sign or dragging down

👉  Powerful than Advanced Filter and user friendly too

👉 Can filter not only Rows but desired columns too

👉 Can work as an alternate and even better than XLOOKUP/SUMIFS

👉 Can fetch columns in different position too

👉 Dynamic Updates when change in original data

👉 Can get Top/Bottom items too

👉 Data can be got in desired sort position too

👉 Any number of such reports can be generated on real time, no need to refresh

👉 We can create charts/dashboard on real time with or without Pivot table using filtered data

👉 Many other unexplored areas

👉 Some interesting Business Cases

👉 Free Templates

👉 Q&A


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