Unleash the Power of Excel 365: Master Class on 2023 Updates 

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Why it’s important!

Excel 365, the game-changer in spreadsheet dynamics, continues to revolutionize traditional usage. Monthly, we're graced with incredible updates, and staying in the loop is key to automating your spreadsheet tasks effectively.

Who Should Attend:

For all Excel enthusiasts who want to be an Excel Pro and want to automate their processes.


Excel enthusiasts aspiring to be Excel Pros, keen on mastering new updates and automating their processes.

Important Note:

 πŸ“Ή Complete webinar video access for 3 months

πŸ›  Ready-to-use Utility/Templates

 πŸŽ“ Course Completion Certificate.

Speaker: CA Vijay Agarwal

Big Data Analyst & Automation Expert - Awarded 4 Times as Most Valuable Professional (MVP) by Microsoft. 

Session Wise Agenda

πŸ”„ Explore the Need and Importance of New Updates

πŸ”„ Check Box Functionality without Macro

πŸ”„ Data Validation with a searchable Drop-down List

πŸ”„ Automate Formulas with LET function

πŸ”„ Overview of Lambda for User Defined Functions (UDFs)

πŸ”„ BYROW, BYCOL, SCAN, and MAP functions

πŸ”„ Merge Multiple Sheets with VSTACK without choosing sheets individually

πŸ”„ TAKE and DROP functions for Dynamic Top and Bottom Results

πŸ”„ Shape your results dynamically

πŸ”„ Dynamic, single-cell formulas - No drag and drop

πŸ”„ Business scenarios for each formula

πŸ”„ Easily automate processes with old and new functions

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Obtain a digital certificate for completing this course

Get access to the working and business solution files

Get access to the webinar recording for 3 months

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