Master Class on Date and Time 

Course Fee - INR 999 /- only

Why it's important!

Date and time is considered as a numerical value in Excel. For all reporting, calculation of interest/depreciation/taxes/penalty etc we need to calculate the period between two dates. Understanding date and time conceptually will be very helpful for automating our reports. Let's learn it with practical business cases.


Webinar - Date & Time
  • Webinar - Date & Time
Working Files - (Download)
  • Working Files - (Download)

Salient Features of the Course

👉 Why Date/Time formulas are important to learn

👉 Let's understand Date/Time Concept - Different formats

👉 How to calculate Net Working Days

👉 How to take in to account Holidays while calculating Net Working Days

👉 How to take in to account alternate Saturdays Off

👉 Customized Holiday List based on Location/Country

👉 Find Due date ignoring holidays and weekends

👉 Calculate WeekDay/Week number from any date

👉 Find GST Due Date based on any invoice date and calculate delay in deposit

👉 How to handle different date formats error on the data extracted from Tally/ERP/Internet

👉 How to Extract only Date or Time from a cell which contains both date and Time

👉 What is Military Time format and AM/PM concepts

👉 How to calculate difference between hours when start time and End time is not in the
      same calender date

👉 Lot of interesting Case Studies on Date/Time Formulas: 

  1.  How to sort Employee Date of Births ignoring year of birth     
  2. Make a Customized Calender from any single Date     
  3. Convert Calender Year dates to Financial year and FY Qtrs    
  4. Calculate exact age in Year/Months/Days based on any date of birth    
  5. Mark only weekend records or WeekDays record

👉  Q&A