Master Class on Charts and Dashboarding 

Course Fee - INR 999 /- only

Why it's important!

Working hard and forming monotonous reports is one thing, but presenting the same reports in a innovative, colourful yet comprehensive manner is another. In Excel, we can showcase our competency and creativity in multiple sheets/database with the help of Beautiful Charts and Dashing Dashboards. Let's learn how to create lot of interactive charts along with dashboard.


Webinar - Charts & Dashboards
  • Webinar - Charts & Dashboards
Working Files - (Download)
  • Working Files - (Download)

Salient Features of the Course 

👉 Introduction and need of Good Presentation skills of your Data Set

👉 Why Charts attract people attention 10 times more than the Data

👉 Traditional Charts : Column, Bar, Line, Pie

👉 New Generation Charts: Funnel Chart, Tree Chart and  SunBrust Chart

👉 Let's learn one of the Amazing shortcut keys to make Chart - I bet you will never think of it

👉 What is a combo Chart and  when is it good to have

👉 Do you know most favourite chart of the CEOs, CFOs and Top Management is *WATERFALL CHART* -  Why is it so?  Let's Learn it

👉 Lets understand Dashboard : *Presenting multiple reports with the same Data in one sheet* - Why it is so *hot* topic now a days

👉 What is Slicer. What is Time Line. Why we need to understand it better before creating any DashBoard

👉 How to quickly make data in a format which is compatiable to build dashboard

👉 Different Dashboards : Finance, HR, Marketing, Sales, etc

👉 Let's build a Dashboard

👉 Let's make it interactive by connecting different slicers

👉 Let's change the data and see the updation in fraction of second

👉 Many Many more untouched aspects related to Charts/Dashboard

👉  Q&A