Master Class on Advanced Filter 

Course Fee -  INR 599 /- only

Why it's important!

Do you know Power of ADVANCED FILTER? It's a very powerful and easy tool but most of the time, it is ignored by us. It mainly helps us to fetch reports from a big databases based on multiple criterias without using any formula and much more.


Webinar - Advanced Filter
  • Webinar - Advanced Filter
Working Files - (Download)
  • Working Files - (Download)

Salient Features of the Course 

👉 Introduction about Filter and related Unexplored short cut keys

👉 One Click short cut key to filter data

👉 Advanced Filter Introduction and advantages compare to traditional filter

👉 Let's Understand Data, Criteria and Extract Range

👉 Let's Understand concept of 'AND' and 'OR' while creating criteria

👉 Let's Understand concept of Wild Characters ("*", "?") for complex criteria

👉 Advanced Filter at List In Place

👉 Extract Unique List of Data/column at other location

👉 Extract Data based on Criteria to other Place/Other Sheet

👉 Extract Data from Other Workbook based on Criterias

👉 Use of Naming to make advanced filter more user friendly

👉 Use of Formulas in Advanced Filter

👉 Let's record a small macro to convert Advanced filter to a Dashboard

👉 Lot of interesting Case Studies to Extract data at different place: 

  1. Find a List of Missing Invoice Numbers from a range of Invoices    
  2.  Extract Employee salary records from a big database     
  3. Exract every 10th or Nth Record as a sample for Audit     
  4. Extract Top/Bottom 10 or Nth records click of a button     
  5. Extract only weekend records or WeekDays record

👉  Q&A