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Tired Of 26AS TDS Reconciliation Manually?

Ticking Manually each entry PDF Or TXT file every time?

Don't worry have a 3-step solution for you.

1. Import - Click on the Import 26AS Button.

2. Select Text File - Downloaded from the Income Tax website.

3. Now 26AS Data is ready to use for any kind of analysis.

Video Guide: How To Use 26AS TDS Reconciliation Utility

Hundreds of users benefited from using this utility. You can also be a part of it, just download the free utility and make your reports in a few clicks. It's awesome.

STEP 1 - Sign Up

Click on the Download button and  Sign Up

STEP 2 - Download

After signing up go for Rs. 0 payment method.

STEP 3 - Enjoy

The Utility will automatically display on your dashboard.